Living the I'MBITIOUS lifestyle? Then you'll need the appropriate Merch. Our hoodies and sweaters are the perfect pump cover for going to the gym (or just lounging on the couch) and the Booty Resistance Bands will give you a glute burn like no other.

Booty Resistance Bands

The I'MBITIOUS Booty Resistance Band is great for workouts at home AND in the gym. The bands come in different levels of resistance, so there is always one that suits your goals.


Product description


Circumference: 31.5 cm

Width: 4 cm

Material: cotton and elastic

Level: light (white), medium (green), heavy (black)

Please note, do not wash the belt in the washing machine and do not stretch it further than 2 times it's usual length


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Booty Resistance Band

€ 18,00

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I'MBITIOUS Hoodie Zwart

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XS: I'MBITIOUS today. Sore tomorrow.

S: I'MBITIOUS. Don't tell my friends.

M: Ambition made me do it.

L: Big ambitions. Big results.

€ 30,00

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Ambition made me do it.

€ 35,00

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